About Us

Welcome to Little Box of Horrors. We are located in Austin, Texas and we are  a themed monthly Limited mystery horror subscription box. Our box includes collectibles, figures, dvds, decor, artwork, household items, exclusives, custom pieces, apparel, masks, and everything in between.  We are horror fans and horror collectors and have been in the subscription box community for over 3 years so we know what fans like and don't like. Here at Little Box of Horrors we love all horror movies and our focus is on all sub genres and decades of horror.

Ultimately our goal is to satisfy the horror fans out there by bringing you cool stuff. Not only are we bringing you items from all the well known franchises, but also from movies that you may have forgotten about, and maybe even ones that are introduced to you for the first time. From time to time we may even include items from Sci-Fi and Dark Fantasy too. Come check us out!