How it works

New themes are announced around the first week of the month. Boxes are for sale the 15th. The Previews ($40) box is our main ongoing monthly box. The Main Feature ($60) and Director's Cut ($85) boxes are offered sporadically. Some months may only have the Previews box offered and other months may feature all three or a combination of the Previews box and another box. The reason for the higher tiers is for more exclusive, higher end items, more items in general, and custom work to be featured.  These higher tiers will be more limited. It all depends on what can be curated for the theme that month. We want to offer the higher tiered boxes in case we want to put more items in or higher end items in. The Previews box limits us with what we can put in, the higher priced boxes gives us a chance to add more cooler stuff. Any questions or suggestions just shoot us an email.